10 Awesome Kitchen Design Ideas For You Apply To Your Minimalist Home

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Simple minimalist kitchen design is the best choice for creating an ideal kitchen in the midst of problems with limited land. Material variations and the needs of each different family also makes a simple minimalist kitchen design increasingly developed. Various inspirations of simple minimalist kitchen designs can easily be found by reading various sources or through social media.

Minimlalist Kitchen Design Ideas
Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas – Source: kitchensonline.com.au

Minimalist kitchen design does not only pay attention to all these elements. The minimalist kitchen design must also be able to present as little furniture as possible to optimize the function of the kitchen. The minimalist kitchen design must be clever to deal with space and furniture and harmonize with the spaces around it. Here we present a minimalist kitchen design idea to make you inspiring.

1. Minimalist Tropical Kitchen

This tropical minimalist kitchen is cool not only from its appearance but also because it is full of meaning. The design of the size and placement of a specific space, it was able to present its functions optimally.

Minimalist Tropical Kitchen
Minimalist Tropical Kitchen – Source: pbs.twimg.com

2. Modern Minimalist Kitchen

The choice of colors for a minimalist design is usually dominated by matching monochrome colors, such as white, black and gray. However, it does not mean it is possible to combine various colors.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen
Modern Minimalist Kitchen – Source: w-dog.net

3. Minimalist Open Plan Kitchen

As one of the characteristics of a minimalist design, open-plan space also includes a kitchen in it. Togetherness, the use of space between the kitchen and the dining table must be balanced with the combination of designs that collaborate to unite and complement each other.

Minimalist Open Plan Kitchen
Minimalist Open Plan Kitchen – Source: homedcin.com

4. Minimalist Pop Art Kitchen

Although in small portions, this tiny minimalist kitchen is able to side with the pop art-style sitting room next to it.

Minimalist Pop Art Kitchen
Minimalist Pop Art Kitchen – Source: architizer-prod.imgix.net

5. Mid-Century Minimalist Kitchen

It turns out that minimalist styles can collaborate coolly in mid-century style. The use of wood that displays milk chocolate color strengthens its natural character.

Mid-Century Minimalist Kitchen
Mid-Century Minimalist Kitchen – Source: i.pinimg.com

6. Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist design with a dominance of horizontal and vertical lines can still be juxtaposed with contemporary style. Here’s a contemporary minimalist kitchen decorating idea for you.

Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen
Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen – Source: dekoriko.ru

7. Minimalist Industrial Kitchen

By choosing colors, minimalist and industrial designs are not much different, both utilize monochrome colors similar to black and gray tendencies.

Minimalist Industrial Kitchen
Minimalist Industrial Kitchen – Source: rogerhuerta.com

8. Minimalist All-White Kitchen

This cool minimalist kitchen comes with an all-white color display. Not only plain white, but you can also give other colors to sweeten the kitchen room.

Minimalist All-White Kitchen
Minimalist All-White Kitchen – Source: jihanshanum.com

9. Minimalist Black Kitchen

Who says black is dull, dirty and unattractive? In design, any color can appear charming thanks to clever expertise.

Minimalist Black Kitchen
Minimalist Black Kitchen – Source: goodsgn.com

10. Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist design does not mean minimal color and monotonous. Every design in any architectural style has its own ability to appreciate the wealth of each character. The minimalist kitchen can also keep highlighting its character in various colors.

Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen
Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen – Source: mobalpa.ee

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