10 Outstanding Kitchen Shelf Design Ideas For Storage of Kitchen Equipment To Be Neater

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Functionality and regularity are all that we look for when designing kitchens in our homes. Taking into accounts space or storage area such as cabinets and shelves, it is very important to ensure a harmonious design, which can also maximize the available space.

Open Kitchen Shelving
Open Kitchen Shelving – Source: cdn.homedit.com

And besides being functional, shelves in the kitchen are elements that practically dominate aesthetics and design. Whether closed, open, with a door or hidden, there are many ways to make a shelf more than just a storage area. Here we have provided some kitchen rack design ideas for you to emulate in your kitchen.

1. Kitchen Shelving Ideas Resemble Bookshelves

Move the classic and functional design of the bookshelf to your kitchen. Modular and custom designs like this will be able to maximize the available space.

Kitchen Shelf Design
Kitchen Shelf Design – Source: ucraine.info
Minimalist Kitchen Rack Design
Minimalist Kitchen Rack Design – Source: marketmaison.com

2. Industrial Style Kitchen Rack

The combination of materials such as granite, concrete, wood, and metal, makes your furniture have a very versatile and modern industrial appearance.

Industrial Kitchen Shelf Design
Industrial Kitchen Shelf Design – Source: holderbusness.info
Kitchen Wooden Rack
Kitchen Wooden Rack – Source: secopisalud.org

3. Open Kitchen Rack Ideas

Open type kitchen racks, which make daily kitchen utensils such as recipe books, food ingredients, and ornaments, decorate your kitchen walls. With a design like this, you will easily store and retrieve everything.

Open Shelves Design
Open Shelves Design – Source: rosiescafesanibel.com
Open Shelving Kitchen Shelves
Open Shelving Kitchen Shelves – Source: freshouz.com

4. Combination of Minimalist Kitchen Shelves with Wood

This minimalist kitchen rack is indeed not impressive in terms of design. But the use of wood materials adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen room in a striking and natural.

Best Rack Kitchen Room Ideas
Best Rack Kitchen Room Ideas – Source: homeofpondo.com
Clean Kitchen Shelf
Clean Kitchen Shelf – Source: cdn.remodelista.com

5. Minimalist L-shaped Kitchen Rack Ideas

Minimalist kitchen rack design with the concept of the letter L can look stylish with the installation of the cabinet. Work in the kitchen is also becoming more practical because the kitchen space is smaller and more efficient.

Decor L Shape Rack Kitchen
Decor L Shape Rack Kitchen – Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com
Minimalist Kitchen Rack Wood Cabinet
Minimalist Kitchen Rack Wood Cabinet – Source: cdn.home-designing.com

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