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There are many variations in choosing finishing materials for home interior walls, one of which is using wallpaper. One of the advantages of using this one finishing material is the many choices of wallpaper motifs that you can choose to make the interior look more attractive.

For those of you who have a narrow room, the right wallpaper motif can also help make the impression of the room more spacious, you know. Want to try applying wallpaper motifs to make a narrow room appear wider? Check inspiration for the following wallpaper motif choices.

Perfect bedroom ceiling design
Perfect bedroom ceiling design

1. Horizontal Lines For Broader Space Shows

The wallpaper line motif is one of the easiest choices to create an illusion so the room looks wider. For a room that is not too wide, you can apply a horizontal line wallpaper motif to impress a longer and wider space. However, avoid choosing a wallpaper motif with lines that are too dense because this will make the room look solid and narrow.

Stripes paint
Stripes paint – Source: www.pinterest.ru
Striped living room wall
Striped living room wall – Source: www.pinterest.ru
Horizontal wall stripes
Horizontal wall stripes – Source: myhomechoice.net

2. Vertical Lines For Higher Space Impression

If the horizontal line motif of the wallpaper can make the impression of the room wider, then the wallpaper with vertical lines is an alternative choice to make the room appear higher. This one choice motif is the right choice for those of you who have a room with limited height.

Vertical wallpaper
Vertical wallpaper – Source: www.fashioninteriors.co.uk
Vertical stripes
Vertical stripes – Source: yandex.com
Strip wallpaper room
Strip wallpaper room – Source: shop-fun.com

3. Simple For Wider Space

If you have a narrow room, avoid choosing a wallpaper motif that is too crowded because it looks like it will fill the room. Instead, choose a minimalist wallpaper motif with a simple pattern like the inspiration above. Be careful not to choose patterns that are too dense to create the impression that the room is not too narrow.

Simple wallpaper
Simple wallpaper – Source: m.yandex.com.tr
Simple wallpaper motif
Simple wallpaper motif – Source: www.pinterest.ru
Simple motif
Simple motif – Source: www.pinterest.ru

4. Metallic For Brighter Space

Tips for choosing a wallpaper motif for small spaces is to use bright colors because a bright room will provide a wider atmosphere and impression. And, wallpaper with metallic motifs can be an added value because metallic patterns can also give the impression of a brighter space.

Metallic wallpaper
Metallic wallpaper – Source: bibirussell.org
Metallic wallpaper room
Metallic wallpaper room – Source: fancy.com
Metallic marble wallpaper
Metallic marble wallpaper – Source: pinpina.com

That’s a variety of wallpaper motif creations that can be a safe choice to be applied to rooms that have wide limitations to feel wider. Remember, to make the room not seem cramped, avoid using wallpaper motifs that have motifs that are too large and dense and dark in color because it will make the room look denser.


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