15 Beautiful Rustic Industrial Decor Ideas and DIY Projects For Your Home Decoration

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Rustic industrial décor is absolutely stunning. This popular style is characterized by brick walls, exposed beams and piping, concrete features, rustic wood, unfinished paint, and earthy finishes. It’s a liberating style with minor imperfections, think cracked paint and rough wood. If you mix this design style with a rustic farmhouse feel, you’ll be incorporating a more on-trend upstate look.

You can easily create a lovely balance of distressed wooden furniture pieces paired with wrought iron doors and aesthetics in your home with minimal planning. People tend to consider this trendy, urban design concept to be cold and gritty, but by incorporating a few rustic pieces into your décor, you can truly enjoy all the architectural elements while still feeling cozy and at home.

Rustic industrial decor ideas
Rustic industrial decor ideas

When combining these design styles together, keep in mind the overall aesthetics of the two by adding pieces like reclaimed wood, leather, and metals. There are several fun projects you can create and add to your home to capture the feel of the whole industrial warehouse look while still keeping things modern and livable. A few statement pieces of furniture to complete this trendy look include metal light fixtures, vintage accessories, brass hardware, and whitewashed furniture.

Take a look at these top rustic industrialized décor projects that will add character and style to your home.

1. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage System

This is such a fun project to upcycle materials you most likely already have on hand. The mason jars held up by metal pipe fittings provide such a functional storage solution, especially in the bathroom. Fill the jars with q-tips, makeup brushes, lipsticks, or even toothbrushes to keep your items easily accessible and your countertop free from clutter.

Mason jar bathroom storage system
Mason jar bathroom storage system – Source: skinnymeg.com

2. Chicken Wire Hanging Light Fixture

Often times your existing light fixture just needs a little sprucing up. This easy and inexpensive project can turn your current light fixture into a beautiful work of art with just a few materials. It’s such a unique piece that incorporates both wood and metal for a farmhouse vintage look.

Chicken wire hanging light fixture
Chicken wire hanging light fixture – Source: theinspiredhive.com

3. Steel Base Live Edge Table

This gorgeous dining room table offers the best of both worlds. The live edge wooden tabletop paired with the steel base bottom compliments each other so well and provides the perfect raw, farmhouse design elements into your dining area. The imperfections of the live edge table add so much character and interest to this space.

Steel base live edge table
Steel base live edge table – Source: lemonthistle.com

4. Upcycled Soap Dispenser Bathroom Accessory

Since space is limited in most home bathrooms, it’s important to add statement pieces that stand out. Repurposing an old glass bottle into a unique soap dispenser is the perfect accessory. This upcycled glass liquor bottle with the industrialized pump top is a fun way to add your own personal touch to this small space.

5. Wooden Floating Ladder Shelf

Bring in a touch of country with this rustic wooden shelf. You can place this floating ladder shelf nearly anywhere in your home, while still maintaining the simple and sleek overall design concept. Use the shelving for storage, books, flowers or frames. The styling possibilities are endless with these open concept shelves.

Wooden floating ladder shelf
Wooden floating ladder shelf – Source: anikasdiylife.com

6. Industrial Wrought Iron Shoe Rack

Unless you have a closet specifically designated for shoes, it’s hard to find a good storage solution to either keep your shoes hidden or display them in a way that’s stylish. This simple structured shoe rack features wooden boards and metal piping and is a great storage solution for your shoes while still complimenting your décor. You could also use reclaimed wood or distress it yourself for a more rustic look.

Industrial wrought iron shoe rack
Industrial wrought iron shoe rack – Source: twofeetfirst.net

7. Inventive Firewood Holder with Plumping Pipes

What better way to store your firewood than this inventive log holder? Whether you choose to use reclaimed wood or scrap lumber, this is the perfect addition to your fireplace. Even better is that it’s built on wheels so you can roll it close to the door for easy loading.

Inventive firewood holder with plumping pipes
Inventive firewood holder with plumping pipes – Source: thecavenderdiary.com

8. Floating Night Stands for Bedroom Organization

Floating shelves are a modern, minimalistic feature to add into any room of your home. They are affordable and easy to install display space and can be used in a variety of ways. This floating night stand could be used to display framed photos, hold vases or candles, create a more open concept or simply used for its artistic flair.

Floating night stands for bedroom organization
Floating nightstands for bedroom organization – Source: sawdustsisters.com

9. Wall Light with Industrial Pipes

It’s all in the details with this DIY pipe lamp. When decorating your home with the fundamentals of rustic mixed with an urban environment, you must get creative and think of innovate ways to repurpose those items you already have to serve new functions. This wall lamp features various sizes of pipes and a small, quaint little lamp shade which gives this wall so much character and texture.

Wall light with industrial pipes
Wall light with industrial pipes – Source: nelliebellie.com

10. Dual-Purpose Utilitarian Pipe Bookshelf

Nothing says urban-ranch décor more than a wooden floating shelf with exposed pipes. This open shelving can serve many purposes in any room of your home. You mostly see them used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, home office or living areas. This particular style of shelving is perfect for displaying plants, books or photos on top while using the bottom to hang keys or other loose items.

Dual-purpose utilitarian pipe bookshelf
Dual-purpose utilitarian pipe bookshelf – Source: craftthyme.com

11. Rustic Headboard Weekend Project

From rustic distressed headboards to modern tufted ones, you can save some serious cash by building your own headboard. Creating your own custom-built headboard is a somewhat simple project and can also totally transform your entire bedroom. It provides a focal point and statement piece to really bring out those natural wooden elements.

Rustic headboard weekend project
Rustic headboard weekend project – Source: chiconashoestringdecoratingblog.com

12. Ombre Painted Wood and Metal Sign

Ombre is an older trend that blew up in the 2000s and is still holding strong. This ombre wooden sign makes a huge statement, especially with the wired words. I love how you can personalize this signage to best fit your own style and personality by using your own favorite words or phrases for the focal point.

Ombre painted wood and metal sign
Ombre painted wood and metal sign – Source: makingmanzanita.com

13. Wall Décor Accent Pieces that Pop

Part of decorating your home is adding your own personal touches throughout. This metal sign lets everyone know that you are family-oriented, and the added clock above is the perfect accent piece that pops. When you are choosing décor for your contemporary ranch style home, you want to add meaningful pieces while still working with those raw elements.

Wall decor accent pieces that pop
Wall decor accent pieces that pop – Source: lilluna.com

14. Vintage Rustic Metal Lamp Fixtures

These sconces, which are actually lanterns, compliment this beautifully decorated bathroom so well. The metal framework and shape of the double vanity lights add a charming farmhouse feel while still maintaining that unrefined, utilitarian vibe. You can easily recreate this look yourself by repurposing a few old metal light fixtures.

Vintage rustic metal lamp fixtures
Vintage rustic metal lamp fixtures – Source: therusticboxwood.com

15. DIY Wood Frame Mirror on a Budget

Framed wooden mirrors work well in both chic-factory inspired lofts and modern farmhouses alike. If you’re on a budget, you can easily update your bathroom vanity with a few pieces of wood. The opportunities are endless here for creating either a raw, free-edge wooden frame or keep things simple with a clean-edge and polished wooden frame.

Diy wood frame mirror on a budget
Diy wood frame mirror on a budget – Source: joyfullygrowingblog.com

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