15 Wonderful Industrial Bathroom Decorating Ideas You Have To Copy

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The bathroom is one of the important rooms to relax for a moment from the busy work activities every day. So if you are building or renovating a bathroom, you have to pay attention, namely how to design a bathroom that suits your character.

If you are an open-minded person and are not afraid to experiment with new things, industrial design is right for your style because this design is very popular these days. As has been discussed some time ago regarding industrial-style design, you can use rough material and leave the pipe visible in the room.

Industrial Bathroom Decorating
Industrial Bathroom Decorating

1. Industrial Themes Can Be Impressed Luxury

The theme is industrial, but the impression of luxury can still be seen, you know, from this bathroom decor. This luxurious impression stands out because of the application of marble material and decorative lights to the sink area.

Industrial Interior Bathroom Design
Industrial Interior Bathroom Design – Source: pinterest.ru
Luxury Industrial Bathroom
Luxury Industrial Bathroom – Source: gramigo.com
Old Fashioned Bathroom Light
Old Fashioned Bathroom Light – Source: lightscapenetworks.com

2. Modern Industrial with Wood Material

The wood material is one of the materials that can be used for industrial-themed residential concepts. Now by combining the wood material with some industrial-themed furniture.

Black and white industrial bathroom
Black and white industrial bathroom – Source: tr.pinterest.com
Industrial Interior Bathroom Design Ideas
Industrial Interior Bathroom Design Ideas – Source: founterior.com
Woods Industrial Chic Grunge
Woods Industrial Chic Grunge – Source: theintercourse.org

3. Industrial Exposed Bricks

Exposed brick that looks rough, it can actually bring an artistic impression on the interior of the bathroom at home. Plus the accent of exposed pipes, the industrial style of the bathroom even more attractive.

How to get the industrial look
How to get the industrial look – Source: sophierobinson.co.uk
Industrial Bathroom Mirror Lights
Industrial Bathroom Mirror Lights – Source: curbstonechorus.org
Industrial Loft with a Bold
Industrial Loft with a Bold – Source: gessato.com

4. Bathroom with Exposed Cement Industrial Style

The impression of an industrial-style bathroom with exposed cement can be presented with a cleaner impression like this bathroom. No need to decorate accents, with Buddy Rooang leaving even the walls blank, the beautiful impression still emerges even though the design of this industrial-style bathroom.

Corrugated Metal In Bathroom
Corrugated Metal In Bathroom – Source: felichita.info
Minimal Interior Design Inspiration
Minimal Interior Design Inspiration – Source: theultralinx.com
The industrial bathroom
The industrial bathroom – Source: pinterest.pt

5. Bathroom Shades with Industrial Themes with White

The concept of an industrial-style bathroom on this one can be used as inspiration. In order not to appear biased, you can apply furniture or accents with white that has a tone slightly different from the main color of the bathroom.

Bathroom Floor Hair Cleaner
Bathroom Floor Hair Cleaner – Source: michelenails.com
Bathroom Interior Design
Bathroom Interior Design – Source: tessatennant.net
Brilliant bathroom inclusions
Brilliant bathroom inclusions – Source: smarterbathrooms.com.au

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